Saturday, 10 January 2009

Double Island Point

Well Double Island Point would have to be one of my favourite places and I ended up there a few weeks ago with some friends. We were doing some work on the North Shore and we ended up finishing early so I suggested we take a run up to the point. Which in turn ended up to be a good choice as I ended up with some great photo opportunities.

The first few are of the headland and rocks, followed by some shots of terns getting blown away - it was fairly windy along the beach. I also managed to get a few pics of a White Bellied Sea-eagle. Unfortunately it flew of before I could a half decent shot while it was in the tree. But never the less I thought I would share my attempt anyway.

There was suprisingly quite a few flocks of terns sighted while driving up the beach and few seemed to be disturbed by the traffic, we also managed to see one pair of Pied Oystercatchers - however I was unlucky and never managed to get a picture.

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Neil said...

Great Photos bye the way you have been tagged for meme 10 Memorable Moments for 2008 good luck