Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Hi all,

Just a few more shots from sunday afternoon at Mooloolaba. Had finished early so decided to go down with the camera and see what I could find.

Thought the first shot was interesting with the face, the sunset was also pretty amazing. Unfortunately I missed out on a shot of the trawler, they got that of the beach in front of the surf club.

Well will leave with a quote from Thomas Wolfe this time
'Beneath the tides of sleep and time Strange fish are moving!' Just a little something else to think about and keep the mind active

Untill next time hope you like the latest pics


fishing guy said...

Tarzan: Great shots again today.

You would certainly be welcome in Sky Watch. We post around 7:30 GMT Thursday which I think is Thursday morning for you. You could go and figure out the time difference and jump on board. We have a few Australians abroad now.

SilverSabre said...

Hey man :)

Thanks for dropping by the ol blog...

The new blog is at http://thepaintedguitar.wordpress.com

Come on over, would love to hear from you.

Also, great pics :)

Tarzan said...

cool thanks will see how i go fishing guy, am headed out again tomorrow with the camera so am hoping for a few more shots

Tarzan said...

Hey SS, no probs will check it out


Beautiful shots. They look like brazilian beachs.