Thursday, 24 July 2008

The Beach

Hello Again,

Here is a few more shots for your viewing. These were taken a little while back at Double Island Point South-east Queensland. Some nice shots of the coloured sands and scenic fishing spots. Didn't really catch anything (small dart we threw back) but was a good day as some good pics were taken (this is just a sample). As the access at Rainbow had only just returned so we could get right through from the north shore at Noosa.

Will leave this time with a quote from Jeffery Kluger

"A fish net is made up of a lot more holes than strings, but you can't therefore argue that the net doesn't exist. Just ask the Fish"

Just a little something to think about

Anyway till next enjoy


fishing guy said...

Tarzan: Where is the catch on this beautiful day.

Tarzan said...

mmmm the catch was only a small dart not worth keeping or taking a photo of will hopefully get to go back and catch him soon


Fishing Guy and Tarzan, two great fishermen!
Your World has beautiful beachs.