Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Footprints in the sand

Sunrise is the best time of the day, just before the sun comes up, in my previous post i mentioned about the series of sunrise pics that i managed to get over a few days. So i have decieded to go through them and pick out the best of the series. They are all taken from Main Beach on North Stradbroke Island. The last picture is of a completly different theme as its my footprints in the sand. Although it has nothing to do with anything in particular I think it adds something special to this set of pictures - it also symbolises my favourite poem by Mary Stevenson - Footprints in the Sand.


mick said...

Beautiful photos - all! re the poem - have you seen this web site about the poem? I like the way moving the mouse around brings up footprints

Tarzan said...

Hi mick,

Thankyou, yes i have seen that website, it is great how the mouse brings up footprints.

Maria Berg said...

I can not wait until it get warm enough her so I can go bar foot and make print in the sand! MB