Sunday, 31 May 2009

Straddie in April

Hi all,

North Stradbroke Island again, these few pics were taken in April at Flinders Beach. The weather again was beautiful, although we did have the odd downpour or two.

It's quite amazing how the dynamics of a beach can change after some rough weather, this time when we went back there we found a fresh water lagoon system throughout the secondary dune systems and some new embryonic dunes forming.

This picture was taken at the other end of Flinders Beach, also fresh water although it often becomes inundated as the tide comes in.

This next picture shows the weather setting in for the next day of walking along the beach spotting birds.

After the storm the previous night washouts became more apparent and deeper along the beach. This washout in particular as the water came out in surges, this sometimes proved driving to be difficult at times trying to get to survey sites further along the beach.


mick said...

Lovely photos and very interesting info about the changes in the beaches.

Tarzan said...

Hey Mick,
Thanks for your comments, yes beaches are very interesting and dynamic environments and can literally change overnight.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of storms -- and your photos are very good -- we had storms starting at 4:00 AM and each was repeated by rolling thunder and brilliant lightening. There were about 5 separate ones and each dumped a lot of rain. Even hail once.

Tarzan said...

Thanks Abe for your comments, hope the storms weren't to bad.